Autism Medications

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or simply “autism” for short, is a multi-spectrum disorder with a wide range of challenging symptoms that can manifest very differently in every individual. While medications and nutritional supplements can, and often do, play a huge role in helping to manage some symptoms, the correct mix of medications is 100% unique for each individual. Moreover, convincing a child with autism (for example) to take a much-needed medication can sometimes seem like more trouble than its worth.  

Alternate Flavors And Forms

One of the greatest challenges facing parents of children with ASD can be getting children with sensitivities to tastes and textures to take much-needed medications. For instance, swallowing pills can be extremely difficult, and picky eaters can quickly detect when the flavor of a favorite food has been altered by a crushed-up pill.

 At Formulation Compounding Center, we can compound medications into alternate forms and/or with delicious flavors that will take the headache out of administering medications. Many medications can be compounded in liquid form, with more than 100 different flavors to choose from! We can also compound topical pain relief ointments and even fizzy drinks composed of effervescent powder. In other words, our goal is to work with you to discover the flavor and form that works best for your child.

Experimental / Off-Label

If traditional techniques for managing symptoms have not worked for your child, your physician may recommend one or more experimental treatments utilizing new therapies in non-traditional and off-label ways. These treatments may involve medications that are not available through traditional pharmacies. Four therapies that are beginning to show some signs of success include:

Low Dose Naltrexone

In extremely low dosages, naltrexone has shown some success in reducing repetitive and self-injurious behavior, hyperactivity, and irritability.


Autism has been associated with low levels of this essential antioxidant, which may inhibit the body’s ability to naturally clear free radicals and toxins.


Available as a nasal spray, oxytocin has been shown to improve the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS) scores, improving the ability to comprehend the mental states and speech of others during social interactions.

Leucovorin (Folinic Acid)

Available as a suspension, high-dose leucovorin (folinic acid) has been shown to improve language and set the stage for improved social communication in children with ASD and moderate language impairment.

Specialized Nutritional Requirements

Working with Formulation Compounding Center, a specialized compounding pharmacy, lets you take control of what is in, and what is not in, your child’s medications. For instance, some symptoms of autism can be triggered or aggravated by specific foods or additives; in fact, you may not even realize that many OTC and generic medications contain products that may be irritating your child. We can develop customized formulas that specifically avoid dietary triggers such as gluten, casein, artificial dyes, preservatives, or artificial flavors. This can be especially helpful during elimination periods necessary to identify which, if any, dietary items may be triggering specific symptoms or behaviors.

 Researchers and scientists are also beginning to believe that vitamin deficiency, perhaps due to picky eating and/or malabsorption issues, may also trigger some autism symptoms. At Formulation Compounding Center, we can compound specialized mega- or multi-vitamin compounds designed to counter potential deficiencies. And again, even our vitamin and nutritional supplements can be compounded in easy-to-take flavors and forms that are easier for your child to manage.


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