Thyroid Conditions

Conditions affecting thyroid function are notoriously difficult to treat, as thyroid function is complex and controls many metabolic functions. Similarly, immune system disorders are equally complex, often requiring a high degree of specificity to resolve. Because treatment of these conditions is highly personalized, with many contributing variables, custom-designed compounds developed at Formulation Compounding Center can have a significantly positive effect on patient outcomes.

The beauty of a compounding pharmacy is that it allows each patient, and his or her physician, to develop treatments that are specific to that patient’s individual needs—without any un-wanted ingredients or fillers. Specifically, for conditions of the thyroid and immune systems, which are so widely variable, a one-size-fits all approach simply doesn’t make sense—often missing the mark and leaving patients with untreated symptoms. Many patients with thyroid or immune system conditions are sensitive to known allergens, such as lactose, gluten, and preservatives. These can be easily avoided with compounded pharmaceuticals, ensuring positive outcomes without side effects. Additionally, compounded treatments take into account any other medications each patient is also using, allowing the pharmacist to develop medications that avoid drug interactions or adverse effects.

The thyroid gland produces hormones that are central to our metabolic system, and when something goes wrong, the effect can ripple across many aspects of our well-being. Thyroid conditions can affect:

  • Mood
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Insomnia
  • Immune functions
  • Cognitive processes
  • Digestive regularity
  • Cardiovascular health

Thyroid disease is very common and is generally manageable with medications. However, the complexity of the components of thyroid hormones and the effects that they produce on a multitude of bodily systems makes management a very individual process. There is no reliable one-size-fits-all remedy to thyroid disease.

Many thyroid patients find that, although their bloodwork reflects thyroid function within the normal range, they are still experiencing symptoms. In these cases, particularly, a more customized approach to thyroid treatment is recommended.Formulation Compounding Center specializes in developing customized T3 and T4 compounds, as well as easily assimilated time released T3 compounds.. These custom-designed formulations provide each patient with appropriate dosages to alleviate their symptoms and put them back on the path to feeling “normal”. In addition, compounded pharmaceuticals can avoid using the fillers that can often cause negative reactions in thyroid patients, such as cornstarch, gluten, and lactose.

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